Live your full potential – Now!

What is your future and how is it affecting your life today?

This thought came about after listening to a friend and what her thoughts were about the future.

There are 2 guys, similar background, similar education and both with their futures ahead of them. Both are in their late 20’s and are in the Civil Service as customer service staff.

It is now 2012!
One knows that in 2016 he is going to be a lawyer in a large firm in London.
The other thinks that he would like to be a personal fitness instructor in America.

Our London guy is working a 36 hour week. He knew in 2008 where he wanted to be in 2016. After work, in his office at home, he is now in his final year of studying for his Law degree. He’s been volunteering at the local Citizens Advice Bureau and has now been asked to become a local JP (Justice of the Peace). He’s also a coach for his local football team.

Mr America, well he works 36 hours too. He also coaches a local football team. Whilst out with the guys he met a great girl from Sweden and she just maybe the one!

Both of these guys are living their futures now.

If you know where you want to be or what you want to be by a set date then you live your future as your present. Your present is busy and full as each thing you are doing is to achieve that future.
If you don’t have an idea as to where you are going then great things can be happening to you, but it’s not you who is making the decisions.

In a more serious way, if you are depressed and all you can see in the future is a bleak future then you live your life now in that shadow.
Maybe you are ill, don’t look at the future as though you are still ill.
I’m tired now, I can’t see a time when I won’t be tired!

Change it around and see yourself at a set date in the future where you are happy, you have a great job, you are healthy, you full of energy.
Take time to visualise the date, the place and exactly how you are. Define it, shape it, colour it, smell it.
Just doing this and you are moving forward into a better place.

My future is as yet unknown to me. One thing though is that I know it will be brighter and happier, so I live with those feelings in my heart and towards those who help and support me.

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Having left my varied and interesting career with HMRC behind and also selling on a successful dance business, I am looking for opportunities to now share my experience and passion in developing people and businesses to be the best that they can be. I have a track record of reviewing processes, suggesting improvement, working with people to manage change & implement the changes. I have a keen interest in motivating & encouraging people, through coaching and mentoring to develop them to the best they can be. My goal is to now further my career using all the interpersonal and project management skills that I have. Specialties: Process and project management, People development skills, Communication skills, Coaching, Facilitation skills, Trainer skills, Designer and editor training material, Web site development, Manager, Research, Customer service skills, Team leader, Union Health & Safety Representative, Negotiation skills. Dance Instructor. Business owner. My hobby is that having recovered from hypothyroidism (Hashimotos Thyroiditis) and Low adrenal reserves, I want to share my researched knowledge and success in getting the treatment I needed with others. It has given me a refreshing change of attitude to all new projects I take on. I will continue with my writing at I hope you take the time to read this and more importantly share it with people who have been told they have CFS/ME and feel there is no hope. There is.
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