Growing your business? Then here’s the help we offer!

Now you’ve set your business up and the first year
is under your belt – what next?

Maybe its a great business that has grown
and you want your life back – How?

Are your employees paid more per hour than you –
what should you do?

Suppose you had someone to sound ideas off with who will

  • really listen to you
  • encourage and motivate you
  • align your motivators to your actions
  • help you find the extra hours in the day, that you need – right now.
    I will take you through the ways to delegate and engage your staff
  • give you a way to you find your customers and get them saying
    ‘Yes, yes, yes!
  • never judges you
  • give the opportunity to recognise how far you have come.

Here’s some feed back
I have delegated to Vicky more so I am spending less time on the day to day office items and focusing on the strategic items and marketing. I feel less stressed.

and from an employee’s point of view
I feel the mentoring has made my boss slightly more organised and that I am getting better work to do. I now see a spark in her eyes for more knowledge and ideas.

               Just getting started in business
‘I now assess and plan my choices and I’m in the final steps of becoming a self-employed photographer with bookings already!
Thank you.’

‘There is no doubt that being coached by Gill has ensured I remain focused on my end goal of setting up my own coaching practice’.

 That’s the Business Coaching Process,
that gets the results you want when growing your business.

Initiial consultation lasts 1 hour 15 mins – additional cost for face to face meetings.
Remaining sessions last one hour using skype or telephone call.




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