Your life is your own, just not reaching where you want to be!

Let BP coaching help you with a package that  can change your life.

We are all individuals and need to take our thoughts and actions in different ways, so that’s why we have packages available for you to choose. What’s right for you?

Life Changer  -12 sessions over 12 months with extra bonus offers

For the person who wants to review the big issues in their life and to receive support and motivation as they progress.

This is by far the most popular package. Providing you with tools to take with you for the rest of your life.
We have the time to fully develop your ambitions. You also get unlimited email access to me and an additional bonus of 10, 15 minute catch – up calls.

  Steph says
I can assess and plan my life choices much easier, I set goals and always achieve them. Coaching has really boosted my confidence and self – esteem and that is priceless. I will work with you again and will recommend you to everyone’.

  Louisa says
‘Gill is patient and encouraging, I worked towards my goals full of faith and enthusiasm. The exercises we used were really helpful – I am now in a much happier place with my life and have really benefited from coaching.’

One Step – 6 sessions over 9 months

You know the issue you want to develop. You are self-motivated and can action plan easily. Time management is easy for you.
This gives you the chance to explore that one area to encourage long lasting impact on your life.
You will experience techniques to take with you for the rest of your life.

  Chris says
‘ Gill builds rapport quickly and has the ability to ask challenging questions – whilst respecting that sometimes I can’t give an answer and will continue to think things through in my own time. I now consider more clearly what I am aiming for and how to get there.’

The Independent/Maintainance – 3 sessions over 6 months

You are a self-starter, work best on broad outlines.
You don’t need accountability, you always succeed. Just that help in keeping you on the right track will get you there quicker.
Using set techniques we will work through your life choices and give you the self option and pace for that success.

  Alison says
‘Your unbiased listening, understanding and questioning helped me create a goal. I’ve taken small steps to build my confidence and will now be changing my career direction completely.’

  JL says
‘My time management at work and home have improved as a result of this coaching and I am able to spend more quality time with my husband and family.’

Solo – Pay as you go!

A one hour coaching session following on from email research to give you a helicopter view of the Solace programme and the impacts on you.

Pete says
‘I’ve always felt over whelmed by my family. By using skills taught by Gill I’ve found the confidence to talk through a complete life move with them and I’m off to America now!’

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